How to design cosmetic makeup brand LOGO ?

This article will explore the ways how to design a cosmetic make-up brand LOGO, and some situations that require attention.

First of all, the brand needs a graphic logo, or a text logo. The best choice is a combination logo with graphics and text. If you choose to register them, the safest method is to register separately, such as the graphic logo to register separately, the text logo also be. They are also registered separately and then used in combination in the market. Sometimes logos can also be used separately on different carriers.

For example, the Lancome trademark we often see like as that , but for some smaller products we can use a part separately.

When we register them separately, we also maintain legitimacy and avoid malicious registration by others.

So how do we make these logos with special meaning?

Let’s talk about the text firstly. Thanks to the Internet, we can easily find a lot of free and copyright-free fonts. To make it simple, we just need to choose a font that we are satisfied with. Here we recommend a URL that can be downloaded to the font: your brand name, then you can preview a lot of different fonts, pick one you are satisfied with, it is very easy.

The design of the graphical logo will be more complicated, and there isn’t nice logo without enough ability and experience. In the era of no AI intelligence, we often only turn to professionals, but now, we can make a good logo on many websites that provide AI smart logo generation, such as Entering brand keywords and branding industries, you can generate countless graphic logos that you can use directly or as a reference .

The above describes the low-cost method of establishing a logo. If you can’t meet your requirements, then we need professional design service. The cost in China is cheaper than developed countries, so designers of the same ability are doing the same job. It is often a cost advantage for Chinese designers. Currently, the price of a logo between 100 and 200 dollars. (non-known general designer). At the same time, if you seek the help of a designer, we will be happy to help you. (only for friends in the cosmetics industry)

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