Advantages and disadvantages of plastic and paper eyeshadow palette

Now the eye shadow palette has long since deviated from the square shape, the styles have changed to various odd shapes, the big brand still have the most market and profit with stable quality and brand effect, and the small and medium brands have the style and flexibility. Occupy a place.

The mainstream of eye shadow packaging on the market today uses both, plastic and paper. The two are indistinguishable in scale, but each has its own advantages, and there are also a small number of eye shadow palette combined with two materials.

Paper eye shadow palette

Plastic eye shadow palette

Plastic eyeshadow palettePaper eyeshadow palette
Environmental protection⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cost⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐

In terms of durability, plastic palette are stronger than paper palette, are easier to clean, and can even be recycled and stored for long periods of time. The paper is soft and not waterproof, strong and durable, but the cycle of using the entire eye shadow is basically no problem.

Aesthetically, the aesthetics of the two basically depends on which technology is used. Plastics can add metal texture through the technology, and paper can print rich colors, each with its own advantages.

In terms of environmental protection, plastics are particularly polluting to the environment. In the natural environment, the degradation is slow, broken organisms and the environment, and mainstream countries have issued “plastic limit orders”. The paper can be recycled and degraded in the natural environment. It is expected that the paper eye shadow palette will be more suitable than the plastic eye shadow palette in the future.

In terms of cost, the mold cost of plastic is very expensive, and the marginal cost is relatively low, which is suitable for mass production. Paper molds are very cheap, but assembly into discs requires manual completion, and the labor costs are relatively high, so they are more suitable than plastics in small batch production.

On the MOQ , the order of the plastic eye shadow palette is basically 12,000 pieces. If there is no mold, the manufacturer will ask for higher. Paper eye shadow palette starts from 500 pieces, and even some manufacturers can do 100 pieces, and the shape and printing are all privately customized, which is superior to plastic.

Based on the above characteristics, the plastic eye shadow palette is more suitable for customers who are pursuing high volume and stable quality. The paper eye shadow palette is suitable for small batches and is mainly for environmentally friendly customers. As more and more small brands begin to develop eye shadow palette , paper eye shadow palette are more suitable for them under all conditions.